Monster Within

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Monster Within

Giclee Pigment Inks on Acid-Free Archival Matte Paper

Prints Available in TWO sizes
- 8x10" (SMALL) | Limited Edition of 250
- 16x20" (LARGE) | Limited Edition of 250

These Giclee prints are museum-quality, archival fine art prints. They are high-resolution, with accurate color, and they are acid-free for a longer print life. *To take care of your fine art print make sure you mat or frame them with archival materials.

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About this piece:
This is part of A Journey Through Madness, a series, and book I am creating on mental health. This piece is titled A Monter Within, it is an image that accompanies my poem of the same name. The writing is about addiction and the battle with the darker parts of ourselves, and how it is like a monster within. The imagery is based on the point of view of a werewolf.

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